Xplore Rear Paddock Stand with Swing Arm Rest (Red)
Xplore Rear Paddock Stand with Swing Arm Rest (Red)

Xplore Rear Paddock Stand with Swing Arm Rest (Red)

Xplore Rear Paddock Stand with Swing Arm Rest (Red)

Xplore Rear Paddock Stand with Swing Arm Rest (Red)

About Explore’s Paddock Stand:

Paddock stands are something that has made a life for many a lot easier, especially to service, repair and also simply stands the bike in a stable position. Today most of the bikes (apart from commuters) do not come equipped with a main stand for the bike. Hence the bikes when needed to hold into an upright position, the side stands are of no use there. Hence, in this case, paddock stands come to the rescue to hold the bike upright without any wobbling.

How To Use It:

Using a Paddock stand is pretty simple. All one has to do is match the holding mounts of the paddock stand to the rear wheel鈥檚 extension bolts and support the wheel on it. Then simply push the handle frame downwards which will wedge the bike upwards until the frame touches the ground and supports the bike on it. It is a lock mode where unless you pull the frame upwards again, the bike will be supported on the stand and it won鈥檛 budge at any moment. So they are really safe to use.

One can use paddock stand for loads of purposes and it has various advantages over the usual main stand of the bike. For starters, the main stand has the tendency to make the bike wobble from the front to the back wheel touching the ground for overall support. In the case of paddock stands, the bike is very much supported via the stand and hence there is no wobbling from front to back. Also in case of paddock stands, if one has to service or repair the tire or the wheel and needs to remove the entire wheel, in that case the bike can be suspended on the paddock stand via the swingarm.

General Uses of Paddock Stand:

  • Puncture repair.
  • Tyre change.
  • Wheel balancing.
  • Wheel check/repair.
  • Support the bike.
  • Chain cleaning and maintenance.
  • Overall servicing.
  • Cleaning/washing of the bike.

Color and Dimensions: Red, 60脳40脳9.,Rotatable swing arm rest to increase grip on swing arm and enhance stability.,Ideal tool for chain cleaning, chain lubrication, inspecting tyre for punctures and other maintenance purposes.,A grade steel used ,high quality clamps and tyres ,premium colour coating.,Used for double sided swingarm bikes with weight load capacity of 2500kgms. Universal from 26-38cms. Well bushed for vehicle and floor protection.