Vango Scran XL – The Ultimate Griddle Range
Vango Scran XL – The Ultimate Griddle Range

Vango Scran XL – The Ultimate Griddle Range

Vango Scran XL – The Ultimate Griddle Range

Vango Scran XL – The Ultimate Griddle Range

Introducing the Vango Scran XL, the perfect griddle range for all your cooking needs. Whether you’re grilling vegetables, searing steaks, or making pancakes, this versatile appliance has got you covered. With its ribbed and flat surfaces on the cooking plate, you can choose the perfect option for your meal.

Key Features

Heat Resistant Handles

The Vango Scran XL is designed with your safety in mind. The heat resistant handles provide extra protection when using the grill, ensuring you can handle it with ease even when it’s hot.

Healthy Cooking Options

With the flat or ribbed non-stick grill plate option, you can enjoy healthier cooking. The non-stick surface requires less oil, allowing you to cook your favorite dishes with less fat. Plus, it’s easy to clean!

Adjustable Thermostat

Take control of your cooking with the adjustable 5 setting thermostat. The light indicator makes it easy to monitor the temperature, ensuring your food is cooked to perfection. With temperatures ranging from 80-240°C, you can cook a variety of dishes with precision.

Extra Long Cable

No more limitations in your cooking space! The Vango Scran XL comes with a 2.5m cable and a UK plug, providing you with the flexibility to cook wherever you want. Say goodbye to cramped kitchens and hello to convenient cooking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the grill plate easy to clean?

A: Yes, the non-stick grill plate is easy to clean. Simply wipe off any residue with a damp cloth or sponge, and it’s ready to use again.

Q: Can I adjust the temperature while cooking?

A: Absolutely! The Vango Scran XL features an adjustable 5 setting thermostat. You can easily control the temperature according to your cooking needs.

Q: How much power does it consume?

A: The Vango Scran XL has a power of 1500 watts, allowing for efficient cooking. It heats up quickly and evenly, saving you time and energy.


The Vango Scran XL is the ultimate griddle range for all your cooking adventures. With its versatile cooking plate, heat resistant handles, adjustable thermostat, and long cable, it offers convenience, safety, and efficiency. Say goodbye to boring meals and hello to delicious, healthy dishes. Upgrade your cooking experience with the Vango Scran XL today!