Naked Shake – Vanilla Protein Powder
Naked Shake – Vanilla Protein Powder

Naked Shake – Vanilla Protein Powder

Naked Shake – Vanilla Protein Powder

Naked Shake – Vanilla Protein Powder

Upgrade your protein intake with Naked Shake – Vanilla Protein Powder. Made from pure ingredients, this plant-based protein shake is gluten-free, soy-free, and contains no artificial sweeteners. With 20g of protein per serving, it supports weight management and provides quick quality nutrition.

Only Pure Ingredients

We’ve combined our renowned pea protein powder with MCT oil and natural flavors to create an unmatched vegan vanilla protein shake powder. Each serving offers 20g of protein and only 3g of sugar, 6g of carbs, and 130 calories.

Superior Plant Protein

Dairy-Free and vegan-friendly, our protein powder is made from yellow split peas grown in the USA and Canada. Vanilla Naked Shake offers a complete amino acid profile, making it the ideal source of plant-based protein.

Supports Weight Management

Added MCT oil helps boost satiation and energy supply, while the natural flavors give Naked Shake its delicious vanilla taste. No artificial flavors, sweeteners, or colors are used in our premium protein powder.

Premium Vanilla Protein Shakes

Use Naked Shake to supplement your protein intake without compromising on quality. Just mix our natural protein powder with water and enjoy a tasty protein shake while you’re on the go.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Naked Shake gluten-free? Yes, our protein powder is gluten-free.
  • Can I use Naked Shake as a meal replacement? While Naked Shake provides quick quality nutrition, it is recommended to use it as a supplement to a balanced diet.
  • How many servings are in one container? Each container of Naked Shake contains 30 servings.


Naked Shake – Vanilla Protein Powder is the perfect choice for those looking to upgrade their protein intake. With only pure ingredients and a delicious vanilla taste, it provides quick quality nutrition and supports weight management. Try Naked Shake today and enjoy the benefits of a plant-based protein shake!