Lixit Water Bottle – 16 oz
Lixit Water Bottle – 16 oz

Lixit Water Bottle – 16 oz

Lixit Water Bottle – 16 oz

Lixit Water Bottle – 16 oz

Are you tired of constantly refilling your pet’s water bowl? The Lixit Water Bottle – 16 oz is here to solve that problem for you. This high-quality water bottle is designed to provide a convenient and reliable source of water for your pets, ensuring they stay hydrated throughout the day.

Key Features

  • Durable plastic construction
  • 16 oz capacity
  • Easy installation with included hardware
  • Stainless steel drinking tube
  • Leak-proof design

Convenient and Durable

The Lixit Water Bottle is made from durable plastic that can withstand the wear and tear of daily use. Its 16 oz capacity means you won’t have to constantly refill it, giving you peace of mind that your pets will always have access to water.

Easy Installation

With the included hardware, installing the Lixit Water Bottle is a breeze. Simply attach it to your pet’s cage or enclosure, and they’ll be able to start using it right away. The stainless steel drinking tube ensures that the water stays clean and fresh, while the leak-proof design prevents any mess or waste.


How do I clean the water bottle?

Simply disassemble the bottle and wash it with mild soap and water. Rinse thoroughly before refilling.

Can I use the water bottle for small animals?

Yes, the Lixit Water Bottle is suitable for a wide range of pets, including rabbits, guinea pigs, and ferrets.


The Lixit Water Bottle – 16 oz is a convenient and durable solution for providing water to your pets. With its large capacity and easy installation, it’s the perfect choice for pet owners who want to ensure their furry friends stay hydrated and healthy.