Learn Punjabi in 30 Days
Learn Punjabi in 30 Days

Learn Punjabi in 30 Days

Learn Punjabi in 30 Days

Learn Punjabi in 30 Days

Are you interested in learning Punjabi, one of the most beautiful and vibrant languages in the world? Look no further! With the book “Learn Punjabi in 30 Days” by Ganathe, N.S.R., you can master the Punjabi language in just one month. This comprehensive guide is part of the National Integration Language Series and is published by Hippocrene Books Inc., U.S. (1992).

Why Learn Punjabi?

Punjabi is not only the official language of the Indian state of Punjab, but it is also widely spoken in other parts of India and around the world. Whether you’re interested in Punjabi culture, literature, or simply want to connect with Punjabi-speaking communities, learning Punjabi can open up a world of opportunities for you.

What Does the Book Offer?

“Learn Punjabi in 30 Days” provides a step-by-step approach to learning Punjabi. The book covers essential vocabulary, grammar, and conversational phrases, making it suitable for beginners and those with some prior knowledge of Punjabi. The lessons are designed to be engaging and interactive, allowing you to practice and reinforce your learning as you progress through the book.

Key Features:

  • 30 structured lessons for easy learning
  • Useful vocabulary and phrases for everyday use
  • Exercises and activities to test your understanding
  • Cultural insights and tips for effective communication

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this book suitable for beginners?

Yes, “Learn Punjabi in 30 Days” is designed to be beginner-friendly, providing a solid foundation in the language.

Can I really learn Punjabi in just 30 days?

While mastering any language takes time and practice, this book offers a structured approach to help you make significant progress in a month.

Is the book available in digital format?

Yes, you can find the digital version of the book for convenient access on your e-reader or mobile device.


Whether you’re planning a trip to Punjab, want to connect with Punjabi-speaking friends and family, or simply have a passion for languages, “Learn Punjabi in 30 Days” is the perfect resource to kickstart your Punjabi language journey. Get your copy today and embark on an enriching and rewarding learning experience!