COSTWAY Ninja Slackline Set for Kids
COSTWAY Ninja Slackline Set for Kids

COSTWAY Ninja Slackline Set for Kids

COSTWAY Ninja Slackline Set for Kids

COSTWAY Ninja Slackline Set for Kids

Become a Real Ninja

This Ninja slackline set offers a fun experience that challenges kids while helping them grow. During the process of overcoming different obstacles, children’s motor skills, core strength, and sports ability are effectively enhanced, as well as courage and self-confidence.

Complete Set with 9 Obstacles

Our warrior obstacle course includes the most complete accessories: two slacklines with ratchet, 12 strap buckles, one arm trainer, two tree protection cushions, one pair of gloves, and two carry bags. And we set 9 obstacles: two gym rings, two fist holders, two monkey bars, one ladder, one swing, and one wheel.

Adjustable Slackline for All Levels

Perfect for users of different skill levels, the slackline kit is designed with adjustable buckles. You can easily adjust the distance between obstacles to set various difficulty levels. Meanwhile, you can easily change the obstacle to achieve free combination.

Durable & Safe Materials

High-quality and kids-friendly materials leave you no worry about using reliability. The slackline is made of eco-friendly PE material, which can bear the weight of 300kg (Maximum User Weight: 100kg). And the heavy-duty ratchet ensures overall safety, which avoids loosening and shaking.

Fully Enjoy the Outdoor Fun

No more crowding in front of the TV or playing games all day long. This obstacle course brings kids closer to nature and helps fully enjoy outdoor fun. The premium ratchet allows you to easily set it up in the backyard, park, etc provided that the distance between two trees is less than 15m.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q: Is this slackline set suitable for kids of all ages?
  • A: Yes, the adjustable slackline makes it suitable for kids of different skill levels.
  • Q: Can adults use this slackline set?
  • A: The slackline set is designed for kids, but adults can also enjoy it with proper precautions.
  • Q: Is it easy to set up the obstacle course?
  • A: Yes, the premium ratchet allows for easy setup in various outdoor locations.

The COSTWAY Ninja Slackline Set for Kids is the perfect outdoor activity to enhance your child’s physical abilities and boost their confidence. With a complete set of 9 obstacles and adjustable difficulty levels, kids of all ages can become real ninjas while having fun in nature. Invest in this durable and safe slackline set and watch your child grow into a stronger and more confident individual.